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April 16, 2010

Understanding Web Design

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The last article by Visuals India is an interesting essay on what is and what should be the web design. How to understand it and how, working / work in this world, we must understand what the web is. The original is published on A List Apart, with the title: Understanding Web Design Chennai. Leo to Visuals, and after reading it, scored some ideas that highlight the article.

Understanding Web Design

We do best when we understand the designs, so he concludes; it is difficult to understand the web design without understanding the Web.
Most of the creators see the Web as a means to launch marketing campaigns and advertising in which the user, passively receiving content and Flash Video. Its maximum interactivity is limited to a link like: digg this site
Although the web design uses elements of graphic design and illustration is not comparable to them. And to be comparable with a specialization this will undoubtedly be the typography
The web design is creating digital environments that facilitate and promote our activities, reflected or adapting the content and users, and change “subtly” over time to maintain its identity. An excellent web design India, has personality, is clear, of course, is memorable …

The beginning of the article reveals one reason for the mistakes in web design, people who make the decisions of a web design do not understand the medium and, in spite of this, oversee the tasks of designing and developing websites. On the other hand we find people who, despite having a high degree of expertise in design lacked the same knowledge as far as the web is concerned.

But what is the web design?
Puts as its starting point the typography, and from there explores the similarities with other branches, a very interesting is the relationship with the architecture.

The great web design is like big buildings. All office buildings, for they are special, they have bathrooms and stairways. Web sites also share common elements, despite the fact that a great design of the site is individual; it also looks a lot like other designs with similar functions, as happens with the designs for magazines and newspapers. Shortly are celebrating the great design magazine, but millions, consciously or unconsciously, the manifest, and nobody regrets that they are not posters.

The websites should also maintain many similar functions, a designer from other areas try to create sites that look similar to others and avoid “invent” new content and new grid which will make browsing the website places a burden with little aesthetic unnecessary and usable.

The specialized web designer who understands the medium, accept that many of the projects in which they work are going to have headers, footers and columns and the pages used to create distinctive, natural, right on the mark, subtly and quietly but unmistakably memorable attractive.

If you get all that and takes care of the details, his work is beautiful. If not everyone appreciates this beauty-if not everyone understands the web-design should not mourn for the web design, but for those who do not know.

Of course the websites are, above all, content and the content is, by extension, typography. The design is communication through words and typography.

But the web design is, above all, something different. Will be neither better nor worse than other disciplines. That difference makes it so attractive, the steady evolution of an interface, the opportunity to see how users react to changes, flexibility, learning ability of others (see video).

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