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February 27, 2010

Important Tricks for Web Designing

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1. Byword “Content is a king” is related to all web sites, without exceptions. There is no dilemma that your web site is going to have slower downloads if you add many graphics, sounds and animations. Your visitors are going to loose their patient and they will leave your web site. They don’t want to wait too long.

However it doesn’t mean that there are not certain helpful tricks to enable you to use some graphics and sounds and to the other side not to have badly downloads. The main trick is to guess when it is the right time to use graphics and animation, because not every circumstance is an appropriate. Using graphic is necessary when there is some process to explain and animations and sounds are appropriate for web sites that show comics, online gaming, etc.

Although if your site represents you as web designer, it is to say that you offer to your clients a web designing services through your web site it is not recommended to have your site too simple. They will look on your web site as the potentially appearance of the web site you would design for them. So, a little amount of colours and graphics are recommended to put in your web site where you advertise yourself as web designer. Don’t exaggerate with it because with slow downloads your clients can loose their patient.

Well, while creating the web site the main leader to you in its designing must be the topic of your web site and regardless to it the targeting audience. It is very important to always be aware of this crucial fact.

2. Some people consider that trick of successful web site designing is found in graphics. Don’t take this too much seriously because they are probably new in web designing business. A big graphics with a few hundred kilobytes is definitely not a good choice. Such sites are chiefly not informative too much. There is no function of that graphic and the only effect that is accomplished is that it looks decorative. Nobody says that it is not necessary; overall it is more pleasant for seeing such web site and is more likely to be read. But a big graphics like a few kilobytes is definitely too much and is not reasonable.

3. Important designing tips will help you create as much successful web site. You should put a small text in a one block without too many words and it is the best to use white background with black or dark blue letters. But if you wish to have a coloured background then fit its resolution. If you check some big companies you will probably find out that they prefer a white background with black text. If you aim to have some graphics on your web site then reduce the size of it as much as it is possible.

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