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January 16, 2010

Good Web Design

Web design is a process that really demands a lot of energy. It means providing the web design that is informative, pleasant and applicable for the web site costumer. Such web sites have a good design and right below are some advices that can be helpful in web designing.


The main thing that matters web design is the informative side of the web site. That is a good web design. The good web designer should provide to the costumers the best screen leading and it is the priority that shows different weight of all visual parts that web design has.As an example for most important status in many web designs can be the logo you see on the web site. But the priorities can go much further and it is up to you, your web designer to choose from many tools that are in your disposal you wish your costumers look at.


Starting with web designing some beginners can consider that it is important to use every blank part left in the web site design. It seems them like a pity not to fill every space. But it is opposite. Web design must be clear and pleasant for looking. There are three aspects of spacing that are considered as necessary. Those are line spacing which directly determines the readability of the text, padding that represents the space between text and elements. Generally there shouldn’t be any touch between text and some other elements but some exceptions exist. The third aspect of spacing is white spacing and it considers empty spaces that doesn’t have to be white. This space gives a web design that is clear and elegant with balance, proportion and page contrasts.


Something worst that may happen to you when navigating the web site is not to know where to go. Web designers must enable you to know where to go and to make it to easy figure out where you are in every moment. There are two important navigation aspects:

Navigation- to know where next to go.Orientation- to know the right position at the moment.


Text belongs to a web design and there for a lot of attention is turn toward it. The things you must take care about the text appearance are next:

Font ­­- it is recommended to use the appropriate font and not too different.

Font sizes – Today texts are written to read and the font size must be consistent and the proportion between headings and sub- headings must exist.

Line length – It doesn’t need to be too long.

Colour – It must be a good contrast and not too many colours to use.

Spacing – We have already discussed it above.


Putting as many information, text and images must be usable for the costumers so web designers must pay attention on it.


The sharpness of web design is very important for having design very crystal and sharp. If want a sharp design certain things must be achieved:

Make shaped edges into pixels.

Use appropriate anti- aliasing setting for any text.

Contrast must be high how the borders can be clearly defined.

Emphasize the borders just a little to increase the contrast.

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