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July 9, 2010

Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Web designers should always design websites which are informative and easy to use.  A good aesthetic impression also helps and importantly you should always aim for a good user experience which causes web visitors to come back time after time.  Even if  your are selling the hottest product on the planet if your website is badly designed you won’t be able to sell anything at all because web visitors will be driven away from your site by the unappealing layout or poor website design.

When web designers talk about “good web design”, they don’t just mean good graphic design.   A professional web designer will be able to highlight and explain the many components which contribute to a good overall website design. For example, accessibility, W3C compliant code, un-confusing design & layout, user friendly interface, overall user experience and of course not forgetting professional graphic design.

For the sake of enforcing good design standards we can back up our argument by showing or illustrating some bad web design elements which can still be seen on many websites even today.  Check your own site against the checklist below and if anything listed below is a feature of your own site its time to hire a Bath website designer to help get your site up to speed.

1) Background Sound

Barring band websites, MP3 music download sites or anything music related… looping background music should always be avoided.  It may sound good at first, but just think if you had a larger site with hundreds of pages and every time a visitor browsed to another page on your website, the annoying background music started playing again?  Most visitors are inclined to turn off their speakers or leave your site altogether.  What’s more, background music just adds to the visitor’s annoyance when viewing your site… for example, users on dial up will have to wait longer just to view your site and for all your web pages to load.

2) Text sizes which are too big or too small

As we know there is more to good website design than just good graphic design… user friendliness and web accessibility have a large part to play as well.  All website text should be legible and reasonably sized to allow your web visitors to read it without a strain on their eyes.  Never mind how great your web content is or your sales copy, if it’s not legible you won’t be selling anything anytime soon.

3) Annoying Pop ups

Pop ups or pop up windows (yes they are still out there) and they are so annoying to most users when they display advertisements that most agree they are simply not worth paying any attention to.  Consequently most users close them immediately the moment one ‘pops up’ especially if it has gotten past your pop up blocker (most people have these installed these days).  Just think about it this way… you have a very important portion of your site to illustrate or a message to convey and you put it in a pop up which simply gets closed 99% of the time when it appears on a web visitor’s screen?  Your web site can lose its functionality right there and then.

To conclude, let us remind ourselves that as web designers bath our job is to make sure that websites do what they are intended to do and to do it effectively.  It would be foolhardy to allow some very small mistakes from preventing your site from functioning at the optimum level.

Scot Crone works for Totally Ace web design Bath. Totally provide professional web design, internet marketing and digital printing in Bath UK.

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