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June 18, 2010

How to Select/shortlist a Web Designer?

“First impression is the last impression”, and if your website fails to make the coveted first impression than it is doomed. You are entrusting the job of creating your first impression to a web designer, so you need the best qualified web designer. Select a web designer based on the following guidelines;


Refer the portfolio of the websites developed by the web designer in the past. A satisfied customer count of 15 – 20 should be OK and preferably talk personally with a few of them to get a clear idea on the designing capabilities of the web designer.


Expertise in any field is a must, if the web designer is not an expert at web designing than you had it. In the web designing, knowing just web designing is not enough, the web designer should have creativity and an aesthetic approach towards your products/services. Also the web designer should be fully aware of your target audience and should use the technology according in the development of the website.


Pay attention, to the time taken by the web designer to respond to your queries, because if the designer takes a lot of time to respond to you now than what will the guy do after 4 months ? Also make note of the communication channels through which the web designer can be reached. Basically, the web designer should be reachable by telephone, email & cell phone.


Never go for the cheapest web designer, since this is a question of creating your First Impression, wouldn’t you like to go for better quality ? Consider the cost of web designing as an investment. Instead, go for the webd esigners who offers the most features with the package and on the website. Also take a note of the hidden costs [if any].

Professional outlook

You should always hire a professional web designer, who has worked on corporate projects prior to your project. A professional web designer will have a professional approach, attention for details and creative solutions for your web designing requirement.

After considering all the above points provided by the web designer you will be able to make the right choice about the web designers who will design your website.

Web Design Temple is a web design company which understands your requirement & purpose of having a website. We have the passion & expertise to create a website that you will match your corporate identity.

Akash Mehra is a famous web

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Web Design Temple

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