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August 18, 2010

High end web design and professional web design company

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Kenmore design is a professional web design company that offers you a wide range of web designs. It provides you with high end web design services for variety of businesses and industries and even if you are an individual, you are welcome to hire the service here. You will be equally satisfied once acquiring the service. They use the latest technology to develop highly professional and attractive website including web application development techniques and affordable web design that are customized to fit in your requirements and desires.


The company employs only professional and qualified web designers that produce high quality products and hence their clients are quite satisfied. The main intention of this web design company is to provide cost and time effective solutions along with applying modern web and innovative techniques. At Kenmore design, they mainly represent values and mission and they design their client’s site with the impression of targeting the audience that is the visitors that come to the site. Their designs are affordable, user friendly, fast and easily accessible and so it helps to generate more and more traffic and eventually business too automatically.


This web design company employs only best and professional web designers so that their customers are provided with quality web design services at reasonable price as well. They have the perfect knowledge and experience of how to create and develop any website successfully and effectively at the same time make it more attractive and convenient for the visitors and the Internet users. If you are planning to launch a new website or redesign your existing one, you can take the help of Kenmore design and you will find that you have approached a firm that is the best solution and the work done will be very beneficial for you and your business as well.


Kenmore deign is a professional web design company that provides wide range of customized web designs also like web design for real estate. The website for real estate business needs to be designed by extremely specific designer and you will find that they are very cost effective and at the same time user friendly too. This firm strives to provide their clients with more attractive and easily navigating websites at comparatively less price. The main focus of this company is to provide convenience to the Internet users.


In addition to all the above facilities you get more advantages once you get associated with Kenmore design because they have lot more to offer. They make use of the state-of-the-art content management system and helps you develop good seo content for your website. This search engine optimization technique will help your website appear on the top rank of the search engines and this has great impact on generating traffic to your website which in turn results in business growth. Now you can create your own website and they will work on your website visibility so that you are assured of the success of your website and business as well. Even after the work is done, you can contact them anytime to ask for any kind of further support.

Kenmore Design is a Boston, MA Web Site Design, SEO, and Internet Marketing Company that provides high-end services to a variety of businesses, industries, and real estate companies.

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August 4, 2009

Conversion Rates: How To Turn Traffic Into Sales With High Quality Web Design Solihull

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It is essential for business clients that your web design Solihull turns traffic generated by an SEO campaign into sales of their products and services. This is especially the case with small businesses, whose operations live or die by the quality and ultimately success of their website. A high conversion rate equals a healthy company.

So let’s break it down. All the necessary SEO work has been completed, and your client occupies a position on page one of Google. As a result of this, their site is generating a lot of traffic. But how do you keep that all-important bounce rate low, and, perhaps most pertinently, turn web interest into financial gain?

This is where the so-called ‘Calls to Action’ come into being. This can take the form of inspiring web copy, such as in the use of urgent and active language. Building an initial connection is crucial to low bounce rates, so entice the user in with appropriate keyword placement. Once hooked, the user may be thinking: Why do I need to make a purchase? It’s YOUR job to tell them.

An E-commerce site needs to be simple and easy to navigate. The worst thing that could possibly happen here is if the user has decided to make a purchase but is confronted with an ugly or impossible to work out web shop. So keep your designs enticing but straightforward to guide the visitor to the items they seek and minimise the risk of the shopper ‘moving on’. Offering a selection of different payment platforms will help with this.

Conversion rates aren’t just limited to generating sales. Even things like filling in an online contact or enquiry form can be considered a return on investment for a website. And the addition of blogging software such as RSS or WordPress will enable your client to update regularly on sale items and special offers – which will again boost the likelihood of the visitor taking the desired action.

Elegant visual appeal will never be frowned at either. Strong graphics incorporating Flash and layout design help to create visual relevancy and a consistent brand identity, which builds an element of trust between you client and their customers.

In conclusion, it is clear that a well-designed and functional website will smooth the transition between a site visit and desirable end result – a purchase or an enquiry.

Written by Koenig Creare – Web Design Solihull Specialists

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